Monday, 8 March 2010

Upper Gallery Day 3

The third day was a bit stressful. Some of the images are quite complicated and even though i tried to tell myself to paint quicker - it's not that simple. I was also either kneeling on the floor (my knees seem to be aging faster then the rest of me) or balancing on a wobbly chair. I painted from 8am - 6pm and still had 6 images to do on the final day. Adrianne was helping me full time by now, placing all the vinyl text and I think we both left feeling that we would have to put some long hours in on the final day.

The image here shows Lenin - in 1919 he decided that beekeepers would be exempted from taxation in the Soviet Union.
And also an image of 'dancing bees' - in 1953 Karl von Frisch, a German entomologist, explained apian communication - and in 1973 he won the Nobel Prize for his research.

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