Friday, 26 March 2010

Bee Spotting

I got the following email this morning from Sue, Gardener and Estate Volunteer Coordinator at YSP. It's lovely to know that people are looking out for bees for the project:

Hi Rebecca :)
Just to let you know that we have some heather in our yard next to the greenhouse which had 6 bees on yesterday - there is also some heather as you walk down Beaumont Drive towards the mansion on the right hand side. (Its over near one of the buildings, you can see it from the road :) )

happy bee-spotting!

The image is of my note book showing notes from 23rd & 24th March. I noted 34 species of bird and 52 species of plant, plus hare and grey squirrel.


  1. And thank you Sue for dropping off a little bee specimen - a dead one unfortunately, but also looks like a bombus terretris...

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  3. PS shorter URL for the bee spotter pix/story:

  4. Hi Frans

    I like your two images - thanks for putting a shorter link to them.
    I sent your bee badge today in the post - hope you get it soon.