Wednesday, 31 March 2010

More Boathouse Development

So, the boathouse continues to get a makeover. It's now a respectable green so it can blend in with other respectable green things.
A new raised bed has been made and will be planted up with bee friendly flowers and shrubs, plus a line of shrubs have been planted to create cover for the bee hives - they look like bare sticks at present, but i'll presume they'll burst into life further into the season.


  1. Hiya Rebecca :) Steve and I were out and about today and have come across some more good spots for the buzzy ones. Next time you're on site give me a shout via the radio or give Mark a call at the office and maybe we could meet up and Ill show you if you'd like? Today we have seen 2 Buff-tailed , 1 Common and 1 white tailed (I think.)See you soon, Sue (Gardens)

  2. Hi there Sue

    thanks for your info - i'm coming over this thursday and friday so i can get hold of you then if you're around. I'm really chuffed you are noting bee sites for me - it really helps.

    See you thursday perhaps