Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bee Badges

As part of the Bee Project we thought it would be a good idea to encourage 'bee promises'.

When you visit YSP you can pick up a Bee ID card, fill it in making a promise to plant bee friendly plants, put a bumblebee box in your garden etc and in return you can have a bee badge for free.

The little enamel badge shows a drawing from the 'dead bee. again and again' series.


  1. Can i make a 'bee promise' locally from Amsterdam and order a badge supporting your project?

  2. Hi Frans

    Yes - i'd love an international bee promice! There's also a map in the boathouse showing where all the bee promices are made from - i'll need to extend it to include you too.
    Email me a promice with your address and i'll send you a bee badge. I'll post your promice on the blog too.