Friday, 25 June 2010


It's been a weird coupe of days - even with lots of flowers out there didn't seem as many bees as usual. There is clover, trefoil, thistles and buttercups but it all seemed very quiet - I wonder why that is? It has been very hot: do bees stay in the shade when it's hot?
As it goes it was pretty quiet for visitors at YSP too - i reckon everyone was watching the England match at the world cup - maybe that's where all the bees were too.


  1. Just found your bee blog and wanted to share. My garden in Ashton, Preston has more bees this year than I've seen for a few years - we've been celebrating that! They seem to particularly like a berberis that has seeded itself all over my garden - if anyone wants one I've got loads.
    Also, My grandad was a bee keeper, kept them for over 70 years. My mum tells stories of opening matchboxes when she was a child and a queen bee flying out and causing havoc in the kitchen.
    XXBernie V

  2. Thanks for that - I love the story of your mum letting a queen bee out in the kitchen - did she get in to trouble?

  3. I think it caused a fair amount of mayhem! It was regarded as an occupational hazard of beinga beekeepers daughter.