Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bombus pratorum

I found another species of bumblebee for the YSP list (takes the total to 8 species now). Bombus pratorum Early Bumblebee.

There is a few about - on the Thistles and Cotoneaster, but i got these shots of one while it was on the Ox-eye Daisies.

Here's what it says in my Edwards and Jenner Field Guide to Bumblebees:

Distribution and biology - A widespread species, found in many habitats. A regular garden species where it is a particularly good pollinator of soft-fruit flowers.

Nests - Made in a variety of situations, at ground level in the bases of bushes, underground and in holes in trees.

Flower visits - Often seen visiting the flowers of shrubs, especially Raspberry and Bramble, but also a wide range of other plants.

I think it might be male as its got yellow hairs on its face.

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