Saturday, 19 June 2010

Badge Map

At YSP you can fill in a 'bee promise' card (to plant something in your garden that bees like etc) and in return you get a limited edition bee badge with one of my dead bee drawings on.*

On the card you can write where you are from and i thought i should collect all the information and transfer it on to a map of UK to see where all the badges are going. Quite a few don't put where they're from, but the ones that do get represented on the map.

A lot of badges are local / regional to YSP in Yorkshire, but they are going further afield.
The most northern in UK is Haddlington in East Lothian; the most far east is Chelmsford in Essex; and the most far south (and west) is Falmouth in Cornwall. Some have gone international: quite a few to Holland, a couple to Norway and one has gone to La Paz in Bolivia - cool!

*See also Bee Badges posted in March on the blog.

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