Saturday, 5 June 2010


A while ago i met a forensic entomologist (like you do)*, and he invited me to look at bees under the microscopes at the Uni near me in Preston. So yesterday i took along my little collection of dead bees that i've been gathering for a while.

I entered a magical, mesmerising world inspecting these creatures in so much detail. The complexity of their eyes, the hair magnified, the breathtaking beauty of the wings and the individual grains of pollen collected on their legs. One of my dead bees had its sting out - in close up a gorgeous vicious weapon. I feel that i don't have the capacity of describing the visions in words.

I tried unsuccessfully to take photos down the lens, but Adam mentioned they do have a camera that can capture the images and i can use it next time. Really can't wait for the next visit.

* Forensic entomologist - someone who works with a highly trained team of insects to detect crime.

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