Wednesday, 5 May 2010

YSP Bank Holiday Event

It was the Bee Project event day on Monday at YSP.

There were tours from the centre down to the project base at the boathouse and there was also a workshop (run by artists Kate and Bozz) to build bee boxes for your garden, a theatre company held performances and there was also a performance by the Nottingham Youth Voices and East Midlands Youth String Orchestra.

I was joined on my tours by Thom and Saskia from YSP to talk about the history of the site and also about the sculptures on the grounds; plus my friends Owen (a botanist) and Steve (an arboriculturalist) came with us all to point out plants and trees on our route to the boathouse.

The weather wasn't great - we went through rain and hail, but finally got some sunshine too - so when we got down to the boathouse Ivor (the apiarist) could show us into the new hives.

Thanks to everyone who came to YSP on Monday - especially everyone on my two tours.

Top image by Gavin Renshaw
Bottom image by Steve Canham

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