Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Bees Have Arrived!

I've just got back from a few days at YSP and each day brought something new to the project.

The most exciting thing was the arrival of the bee colonies to go into the two hives and also into the observation hive.

Unfortunately i was delayed on the first morning and missed the two colonies going into the hives that are now sited beside the boathouse, but i was able to see Ivor (the beekeeper) put the bees into the observation hive.

Dressed in all my bee protection gear I could get really close to take lots of photos. It was amazing.

Ivor told me that the queens were originally from Slovenia a couple of years ago, but had been sited near to YSP for the whole of last year before coming to YSP this weekend.


  1. Hi - just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday. We had so much fun - it was amazing seeing the bees close up and we learnt loads too. Can't wait to see the project develop over the next year.

  2. Hi there

    Thank you for your comment and i'm really glad you enjoyed coming to see the bees.
    Please keep in touch with the project in the coming months - i wonder how it will develop?