Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Other Stuff

While i've been looking for bees around the YSP site i've been counting plant species and also birds and butterflies too.

My friend Owen (a botanist) came to the sculpture park last week and as we wandered round we made a note of all the species. At some point I will list all the plants on the blog, but I move house in a couple of days and i've packed my notebook already.

I know this blog is about bees, but I thought these two images were quite ok.

Top: Underside of Orange tip butterfly on Forgetmenot
(a special flower)
Bottom: Peacock butterfly on blossom

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  1. Hiya :) The bees were very bu (zz) sy today while we were down doing some work on the bed - it's nice to see more things in flowernow - they seem very taken with the apple blossom :) I ended up unknowingly transporting a bee on my shoulder up past the Mansion and had to encourage it to stop hitching a ride. Hope your investigations are going well. Sue