Thursday, 20 May 2010


I moved house a couple of days ago so i've not been thinking of bees (just how to try and fib to my friends that i haven't much heavy stuff to shift). I found another dead bee the other day in the park - a buff-tailed bumblebee. I've been offered the use of microscopes at the local university so i can study all the dead ones i've collected more closely (the image above is of a bee I collected last year and kept).

Also, quite a few people are sending things, giving me books and emailing links to things related to bees - my friend Rich sent this link to an article from Lancaster University:

Lancaster University News

and another friend William sent me this one too about a project 'Figures and Hives'


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    What do you think of these Omlet Beehaus hives???

    We have a small garden. I have no bee experience. But they look interesting.



  2. :D it wasgreat to have a look inside the observation hive today! They are absolutely fascinating. I may well have to try and snaffle a copy of your bee recordings for helping "Speck" to go to sleep once he enters the world - failing that I could listen to them and ignore everything else!
    Hope that you had a good wander about - will you be at the "Nash Bash" tomorrow night? If so, Ill see you there.
    Sue x

  3. Hi Roger

    The Omlet hives look very futuristic - i've not seen them before. They'd look good in a roof garden.
    Thanks for the link.