Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lost Camera

The last couple of days at YSP have been great - Ivor the beekeeper came and we did lots with the hives (which i'll up-date soon); I walked miles around the site looking for bees and collecting plant specimens to press; and there was a small group of people from Lancashire Artist Network that came to the boathouse to visit the project.

In amongst all this when i got home last night i couldn't find my camera. I couldn't remember where i might have left it and spent the whole evening, most of the night and early this morning thinking through my time at YSP to try and work it out..... happily it's been found (a relief to my housemate who has had to endure hours of me recalling where i went in a step by step account of the past 24 hours).

Because of this I don't have any photos from the last couple of days - apart from this Polaroid of poppies in the corn field. The bumblebees seem to really like the poppies - bobbing from one to the next.

I'll up-date all the other info when i get my memory card back.

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