Friday, 23 July 2010

Bombus Vestalis

On Monday i was joined at YSP by Brian, an ecologist, to have a look around the site and do a survey of all the bee species.
We had a really great day - despite it being grey and rainy in Preston when i set off early in the morning it was a hot sunny day over in Yorkshire.

We spent the whole day walking for miles and trying to catch bees and identify them.

Here is a new species for the project - it's Bombus vestalis Vestal Cuckoo-bee.

It says in my Edwards and Jenner field guide: A widespread species, found in many habitats in England and Wales. It is only recently known from Scotland and is not currently known from Ireland. This species takes over the nests of B. terrestris.

We also found a number of solitary bees too - but Brian has taken them away to identify properly.

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