Monday, 26 July 2010

Event Day

It was the Co-op Members Bee-spoke Day at YSP yesterday and we had guided tours down to the Bee Project base at the boathouse, plus there was a couple of art workshops to make bee houses and an activity trail too.

It was a lovely day* and everyone who attended the tours seemed to enjoy the walk and then also seeing into the hives and all the bees.

It's been a busy weekend - i went to do a talk about the Bee Project at CCA Glasgow too on Saturday.

Tomorrow i'm off to France for a week - i'm going from Preston to Paris on the train (I can't wait) so i'll not up-date the blog for a few days.

* The day started badly: I had an unbelievably stressful journey to YSP with a taxi driver who had no map, didn't know how to use a satnav, who set off in the wrong direction thinking that West Bretton was 109 miles away from Huddersfield, who thought it was ok to stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway to re-set the satnav and also thought it might be reasonable to charge £71 for the fare when we got there over an hour later. Knowing the journey should only take about 20 minutes i gave him 20 quid. I fear that he might still be trying to find the exit of the YSP car park.

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