Friday, 23 April 2010

Japanese Bees

I'm back from my incredible adventure in Japan. I was there for another project, but while i was away i did see a few bees and took a couple of shots for the bee blog. The first is of a honeybee on cherry blossom on the top of Mount Misen on Miyajima (an island off the coast near Hiroshima).

The next three images are of a beast of a bee I saw on the Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto (one of the images is a bit blurred, sorry). It was absolutely huge - trying to get the close up shot was a game of wits between me and the beast. There's nowt more terrifying than a large, unfamiliar insect and one wrong move could have cost me my arm (I reckon). I've no idea what type of bee it is - it might not even be a bee (it's got enough hair to be a mammal!)

While away I finished reading The Fable of the Bees by Bernard Mandeville too - so the bee project was in my head while i was travelling. It's an interesting book - a bit of a struggle at times, but an insight into views on society in 1700's. My bookmark was a Joseph Beuys postcard with Gib mir Honig written on it.

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