Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bombus Hypnorum

There is a big patch of daffodils on the sloping lawn under the mansion house towards the lake at YSP and bees seem to love feeding amongst them. I saw this one for the first time there - I think it's Bombus hypnorum Tree bumblebee and the description in my field guide is this:

"Distribution and biology: Newly found in the UK in 2000; this species has been expanding its range steadily in mainland Europe and is now doing so in the UK. It seems to have a close affinity with urban and woodland habitats throughout Europe, where it is widely distributed. This species is double-brooded, with nests-searching queens in march and again in June. New females appear from the end of May to September."

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  1. Hi Rebecca

    You certainly DO have Bombus hypnorum! Many continental sites just turn a blind eye to what is happening in UK.

    There is a lot of information at

    It would be great to get the details of your record for the national database and monitoring project.

    I am very happy to receive details at spmr[at]

    Cheers, Stuart