Wednesday, 4 May 2011


One of the last pieces of work to be finished ready for the exhibition ended up being a bit of a trial to figure out - not especially technically difficult, just the practicality of relaying the image in my head into a physical object.

As i've mentioned before i have collected lots of dead bees not just during the project but since well before then too. During the bee project i met Adam Wilcox, a forensic entomologist, and he let me use the microscopes in the laboratories where he works at the University of Central Lancashire here in Preston.

Looking at the bees wings, eyes, hair, legs etc under such scrutiny was absolutely breath taking - revealing a world of magically beautiful images.

I decided to show only 3 of the images (a choice that took ages and ages) and made little viewing boxes to see them in: the gallery is very light and so each image is set back in the box to create a bit more depth and shade to see it in. All three images show sections of wings, but each is quite different from the others. One is a bumblebee, two are honeybees.

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  1. Looks lovely, the intricacies you can see close up are beautiful.