Monday, 2 May 2011

Bee Museum

Since the opening of the exhibition I've been on a little trip and again i went to Feucht.
While on a walk we saw the bee keeping school - a lovely little hut on a small meadow where bee keepers learn their trade. In the sides of the hut are openings for bees to get in and out - there were about 10 hives in the hut.
Also in the village is the bee keeping museum (mentioned earlier in the blog). Being a Bank Holiday though it was shut.*

Also - my friend Charles sent me this info on The Urban Beekeeping Experience events in Sheffield -

Plus Suzanne sent me a link to Klaus Weber's artwork on bee poo paintings (i mentioned his work on the blog a while ago too)

*It doesn't matter where i go on the planet it'll be shut because of
1) A random local holiday
2) Change over between exhibitions
3) Redevelopment of the whole building / museum / historic site.

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