Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Seedlings and Sleepy Honeybees

I went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday for the first time this year. Considering the recent weather it was a really nice blustery day. I went to check out the gallery space ready for the exhibition in April, plus i wanted to check the test meadow patches and visit the hives at the boathouse.

I was delighted to see tiny little seedlings popping up on the patches. There's lots of grass coming up too, but i'm hoping that's the grass species we mixed in with the flowers.

I was also happy to see a couple of very sluggish honeybees bobbing in and out of the hive entrances - they weren't especially going anywhere, just weaving around the entrance.

So, I know i'm being a bit previous, but maybe spring is already coming?


  1. After so long without being able to leave the hives, they were probably desperate for a poo!

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    My friend bought me a book a few months ago about the artist Klaus Weber who installed white stretched and varnished canvases outdoors on the ground by hives in Berlin (in early spring 2009) to make bee paintings.

    "...During the whole winter bees do not leave their hive. At the end of this cold period they take a concerted 'cleansing flight' and defecate on anything that is unnatural white: houses, cars, laundry... an unexpicable phenonmena" Klaus Weber