Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thank You!

The exhibition is over - all my work will be returned next week.

The Bee Project was massive: we started to plan it in winter 2009, I started the residency in spring 2010, made the artwork for the show over the winter in 2010 and the exhibition ran from early April 2011 until last week...

So many people helped me in that time:

Ivor Flatman - the beekeeper who let me shadow him
Brian Robinson - an ecologist who helped me identify bumble and solitary bees
Adam Wilcox - forensic entomologist at UCLAN who let me use the microscopes in his lab
Owen Mountford - botanist who helped with identifying all the plants at YSP

Carl Clee - Honorary Curator of Aculeate Hymenoptera at Liverpool Museum who helped me identify the solitary bees
George Else - who gave me permission to use his key text on the solitary bee prints
Dr Matt Heard - Head of Community Ecology Group at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology - who gave me advise on looking for bees and also on bee habitat creation

Magda Starwarska-Beavan - print maker working at UCLAN who guided me through the screen print process

Stephen Canham - arboriculturalist who helped to identify all the trees on the YSP estate

Tracy Hill - print maker at UCLAN who advised on print techniques

Also to all my friends who helped, advised and listened to me constantly bang on about bees and who also turned up for the opening day - thanks!

Most of all I have to thank Helen Pheby who saw the potential in my idea from the beginning and who has supported me throughout my time at YSP; and also to Adrianne Neil who was given the task of looking after all aspects of the residency and exhibition - she is an amazing person!

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