Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Last Chance!

My exhibition Diligent Observation finishes at Yorkshire Sculpture Park this Sunday 3rd July - so this is the last chance to see it!

It's in the Garden Gallery and it's free entry.


It's a bit weird that after so long on the residency researching bees and then making and exhibiting the work, the project is coming to an end.

But, even though the project is over, i will continue to follow bees, try and identify them and look at the plants they feed on. This project has sparked an interest that i know will continue for the rest of my life - I have learned so much in the past year - but there is so much more to learn and discover.


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I've been to see your exhibition & your work is amazing. I can't believe the exhibition is nearly finished. I was waiting for it for ages, whilst following your blog's. I'd love to visit again this weekend but I'm tied up with house renovations!

    I've really enjoyed the blog updates too so pls keep updating us on you findings?

    Paula (aspiring bee keeper & huge lover of honey)

  2. Aw thanks SO much! And thanks for taking the time to read the blog and make comments - it means a lot.
    I still have quite a few bits and bobs to put on the blog, but I expect i'll update it less and less in the future now that the project is over.
    But - the next project is starting soon...

  3. :) no problem.

    New project sounds exciting, I'll keep my eye out...

    *blogs (not blog's)

    I picked up the publication whilst I was there too, it's lovely.