Monday, 13 December 2010


Last week it was the final session of the beekeeping course i've been attending here in Preston.

It was so much fun going to the lessons - Viki, our fabulous tutor, knows masses about keeping bees, bee anatomy, life cycles, pests and disease management, making honey and everything to do with honeybees. I really enjoyed meeting everyone else too - our only connection being the desire to learn more about bees.

I've been assigned a 'bee buddy' called Chris who lives near me and will help with any questions when I set bee hives up - which i'm not going to do, as it goes. Chris has still offered to show me her hives and how she manages her colonies. She has top bar hives that i've never seen before so that will be fascinating.

I loved the class and will miss my Thursday night outings to the church hall.
Above is the certificate i was given to prove i turned up and listened.

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