Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I did my talk at the University of Sheffield last week - it went ok i think (there was no booing from the audience of over 100). To hear Professor Ratnieks and Dr Claire Preston talk was amazing: in my research for the Bee Project i've read works by both of them... so, the added bonus of meeting with them too was really inspiring for me.

During the daytime before the talk I went to YSP for the first time in a while. The blue and yellow meadow test plots are coming along - the blue one is fit to burst with Cornflower Centaurea cyanthus, but the yellow meadow is looking decidedly less lush - there's quite a lot of Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor coming up and flowering, but i think the very dry weather seems to have hampered most of the other species so far.

The hives have been moved from the boathouse to the lawn behind the garden gallery and Ivor the beekeeper has added more of his hives too.

All in all a good trip over to Yorkshire i think.

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