Sunday, 3 October 2010


Ivor the bee keeper wasn't able to make it the last time I was at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I miss him being around to ask loads of questions (usually the same ones every time) and I always feel more confident with the bees when he's there. I noticed the entrance of the hives had new guards on them so i emailed Ivor to ask their use. He replied saying that they were put on to limit the entrance size and to help the bees defend against wasps.

While i was there I did notice masses of dead wasps on the ground around the entrance of the hives - so the bees are defending themselves ok. I collected all the dead wasps for the collection - they are in a box - it really stinks.

In his email he also mentioned he'd taken some honey off and also started feeding the bees for winter. I can't wait to try the honey - the taste of YSP.

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